Narvacan Fire Station to the Rescue

narvacan rescue

The municipality of Narvacan is one of the largest municipality of the Province of Ilocos Sur in terms of land area with a total of 113 sq. km or 11,365 hectares and composed of 34 barangays. The town has a total population of 45,036 as of CY 2013.

Narvacan Fire Station has 8 BFP uniformed personnel manning 1 unit Isuzu Forward Morita Firetruck with a water capacity of 4,000 liters serving the municipality of Narvacan and Nagbukel respectively. Narvacan Fire Station has been rendering for 32 years of public service.

On the noon of August 18, 2014, the Municipal Mayor , Hon. Zuriel S. Zaragoza requested the assistance of BFP Narvacan in transporting evacuees, victims of flashflood at Brgy. Abour, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur.
This station together with the Philippine Army proceeded to area and have met some unfortunate event along the way such as the sudden surge of flashflood that submerge the firetrucks’ engine  and caused the firetruck to stuck in the middle of flooded area. However, the team have accomplished their task and arrived at the evacuation site safely despite incident.


New Home for the Finest Firefighters of Vigan City

vigan-new fire stationBFP Personnel of Vigan City had to live in a simple and small fire station then. It serves as reception for clients during daytime and as barracks/bedroom for personnel during night time.

Through the administration of HON. EVA MARIE SINGSON-MEDINA as the City Mayor and under the leadership of CINSP FLORO L OBRERO, City Fire Marshal, changes of BFP-VIGAN happened.

CINSP OBRERO upon learning the situation of his men and women, during department heads meeting, he reiterated the provision of construction of new city Fire Station suitable enough  to billet Vigan’s Finest Fire fighters and clients and the protection of facilities and equipment .

After several months, the request was finally granted and budgeted amounting to 4.5 million pesos. The new Vigan City Fire Station (VCFS) was relocated at barangay VIII, near Vigan Bus Terminal, side of BFP Provincial Headquarters Ilocos Sur.

The new building was blessed and inaugurated last  26 October 2013 attended by the City Mayor, 1st District Congress man HON RONALD V SINGSON, Provincial Governor of Ilocos Sur, HON RYAN LUIS V SINGSON, City Vice Mayor Lourdes DG Baquiran, City Councils and all department heads of Local Government Unit of Vigan.

This shows the unending support of the Local Government Unit to the Bureau of Fire Protection.
In return, the personnel of VCFS offers an unwavering service to the public, a heartfelt applause and salute of gratitude to these great efforts of our great leaders for seeking the welfare of and providing for more comfort of their man in the field, purposely for upgrading the quality public service of Vigan City.


san juan- ugnayan sa barangay

BFP San Juan is located at the 1st District of Ilocos Sur. It has 32 barangays with a total population of 25,341 based on the latest census. Established in 3rd quarter of 2010, currently, the station has 2 units of firetruck and composed of 8 BFP personnel headed by OIC Municipal Fire Marshal INSP ERWIN B SALUDEZ. Despite the limited number of personnel, this station has rendered their duty effectively and efficiently.

The station has initiated different Fire Prevention activities to create awareness to the public on fire safety. Ugnayansa Barangay were conducted by this office to 12 Barangays within area of responsibility.

Barangay Camindoroan-              8:00 am 11 July 2013

Barangay Cabanglutan   –              1:00 pm 11 July 2013

Barangay Guimod Sur –                  8:00 am 12 July 2013

Barangay San Isidro                       1:00 pm 12 July 2013

Barangay Saong                             8:00 am 15 July 2013

Barangay GuimodNorte                 1:00 pm 15 July 2013

 Barangay Sunggiam                     8:00 am 16 July 2013

Barangay Refaro                               1:00 pm 16 July 2013

Barangay Baliw                                  8:00 am 19 July 2013

Barangay Sabangan                         1:00 pm 19 July 2013

Barangay Lira                                     5:00 pm 20 December 2013

Barangay Resurreccion                  5:00 pm 24 December 2013

During the months of typhoon, BFP San Juan is on alert ready to conduct rescue when needed. Flushing were conducted on schools and barangay roads affected by flood.


sta maria- basic knot tying
Knot tying is an essential skill in rescue operations may it be on land, air or water. Thus, learning the basic knot tying is vital for it serves a foundation in learning advance techniques of knot tying.
Last 30 November 2013, BFP Santa Maria conducted a talk on basic knot tying techniques to the Boy Scout of the Philippines at Suso Elementary School, Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur. Different knots were discussed and demonstrated its practical uses, not only to the scouts were benefited in this seminar but also to their scout masters.