san juan- ugnayan sa barangay

BFP San Juan is located at the 1st District of Ilocos Sur. It has 32 barangays with a total population of 25,341 based on the latest census. Established in 3rd quarter of 2010, currently, the station has 2 units of firetruck and composed of 8 BFP personnel headed by OIC Municipal Fire Marshal INSP ERWIN B SALUDEZ. Despite the limited number of personnel, this station has rendered their duty effectively and efficiently.

The station has initiated different Fire Prevention activities to create awareness to the public on fire safety. Ugnayansa Barangay were conducted by this office to 12 Barangays within area of responsibility.

Barangay Camindoroan-              8:00 am 11 July 2013

Barangay Cabanglutan   –              1:00 pm 11 July 2013

Barangay Guimod Sur –                  8:00 am 12 July 2013

Barangay San Isidro                       1:00 pm 12 July 2013

Barangay Saong                             8:00 am 15 July 2013

Barangay GuimodNorte                 1:00 pm 15 July 2013

 Barangay Sunggiam                     8:00 am 16 July 2013

Barangay Refaro                               1:00 pm 16 July 2013

Barangay Baliw                                  8:00 am 19 July 2013

Barangay Sabangan                         1:00 pm 19 July 2013

Barangay Lira                                     5:00 pm 20 December 2013

Barangay Resurreccion                  5:00 pm 24 December 2013

During the months of typhoon, BFP San Juan is on alert ready to conduct rescue when needed. Flushing were conducted on schools and barangay roads affected by flood.